Domiciliary Care

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Additional help available

If you are in sheltered housing you may find that you need some extra help to make things more comfortable. This could be temporary, if you are recovering from illness or a hospital stay, or something more permanent.

Homesdale has a Domiciliary Care Unit that is based on site with permanent staffing that can provide assistance if you feel you need it. The Care Manager will discuss with you what you need and the staff can offer help with daily tasks such as

  • Cleaning

  • Changing bedding / making beds

  • Laundry including ironing

  • Shopping

  • Accompaniment to medical appointments

  • Personal care such as washing, bathing, showering, dressing.

  • Collection of prescriptions and/or supervision or administration of medication, including eye drops, creams, etc. This includes thorough documentation.

The Domiciliary Care Service is regulated by Care Quality Commission and therefore subject to similar regulations to the Care Home

How much do the additional services cost?

There is a scale of charges for the services available from the Domiciliary Care Unit, related to the type of service received, for example personal care or household tasks, the time needed to undertake it and how often it will be required. When the Care Manager has completed your plan and is aware of your needs a cost will be provided.

I would like a service that is not listed

Please speak to the Care Manager as we will do our best to support you. We have listed the most common services used but if we can help we will.

Will I need a care plan?

If you are receiving personal care or help with medication you will need a care plan that you will keep in your flat. This will be regularly reviewed to take into account any change in your needs.