About us

Our History

At a Church Meeting at Woodford Baptist Church in July 1946, the Pastor, Rev Herbert Hunter reported on his concern for ‘the aged women in the area’. He expressed a hope that at a future date a suitable building could be procured to care for the elderly within the Church and local community.

His vision inspired the Church and a fund was opened to raise money for the project. In November 1947, Rev Hunter and the Church Secretary attended an auction for 7 New Wanstead, Homesdale, and their bid was accepted. Following this Homesdale (Woodford Baptist Church) Ltd was born.

At a Church Meeting in January 1948 it was learnt a grant had been received, so when the Home opened on the 5th April 1948 it did so debt free.

Some years later in 1966, 5 New Wanstead became available and with the assistance of a loan from the Local Authority it was purchased and the buildings joined to create the Home as it is today.

This was far from the end of the story as in 1981 a grant was received from the Housing Corporation and Hunter Court was developed in the extensive gardens of Homesdale.

Subsequently in 1985, 2 properties in New Wanstead were purchased, again with grants, and demolished to make way for Mountier Court. The 2 Courts provide 70 sheltered housing flats with warden support.